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"Wuxi Science Popularization Education Base"

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Cultivate innovative talents based on science popularization activities | Tianqi's "Wuxi Science Popularization Education Base" was officially awarded


On July 14, a delegation led by Zhang Pengfei, Vice Chairman of Wuxi Association for Science and Technology, visited the company and awarded the plaque of "Wuxi Popular Science Education Base". Qiu Xueqin, vice general manager of the company, and Guo Dahong, director of the National Technology Center accompanied the visit and participated in the licensing activities.
The science popularization education base undertakes the important task of promoting the construction of the city's science popularization culture, and is an important carrier of improving citizens' scientific and cultural quality. Zhang Pengfei, vice chairman of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, and his delegation visited the company's cultural exhibition hall and sample line workshop on the spot, and fully affirmed the construction and development of the company's science popularization base.


At present, the company has national enterprise technology center, national postdoctoral research workstation, Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center, Jiangsu Postgraduate Workstation and other research and development platforms. In order to further strengthen the construction of science popularization capacity and create a good innovative cultural atmosphere, the company has upgraded the exhibition hall and sample line workshop. This transformation and upgrading focuses on the application of information and new media means, and uses the Internet of Things, sensors, big data, cloud computing and other advanced technologies to make more people contact with intelligent transmission equipment, recycling equipment and other technical projects.
Wuxi Popular Science Education Base was jointly selected in April this year by Wuxi Science and Technology Association, the Municipal Education Bureau and the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. After preliminary evaluation and recommendation, the Municipal Science and Technology Association organized review, field inspection and other procedures, and finally determined that our company reached the municipal standard for popular science education. In the future, the company will continue to take the construction of science popularization education base as the carrier, continue to carry out scientific quality education for employees, enhance the knowledge reserve of the company's employees, promote the overall development of the company, and make contributions to our city as a leader in high-quality development.