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Intelligent Equipment

Industry Introduction

Provide services of consulting, design, manufacturing, installation, intelligent maintenance of automatic production system for industries of automotive manufacturing, automatic storage, airport logistics, tyre manufacturing, machine tool manufacturing, power battery manufacturing, aviation manufacturing, etc. We are committed to realizing "comprehensive digitalization + comprehensive intelligence" management of intelligent equipment industry through industrial Internet platform.

Main Products and Service


Intelligent equipment for Automotive Production

Consulting and design service for automobile manufacturing process and equipment, automated automotive final assembly line, automated automotive welding line, automated production line for body storage, painting line, automated airport luggage handling system, automated storage & retrieval system, robot assembly line, electrical automation Control system, remote fault diagnosis analysis and predictive maintenance, etc.

Typical Products


Bulk Material Handling System

Tongling Miracle Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MAE, committed to the bulk material conveying equipment and new product development, Provide tubular belt machine and car dismantling equipment for the domestic and international investment and technical renovation projects.
Products including TD75, TK, DTII, DT Ⅱ (A) series of belt conveyor, which can be widely used in power stations, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, coal, ports, building materials, light industry, etc.

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