MAE overview

Miracle Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as MAE, stock code: 002009. SZ), founded in 1984, was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2004, becoming one of the first listed companies on A-share small and medium-sized board. Now it has formed three business divisions including intelligent equipment,recycling economy and heavy industry.

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Business Divisions

Intelligent equipment

Provide service of consulting, design, manufacturing, installation, intelligent maintenance of automatic production system for industries of automotive manufacturing, automatic storage, airport logistics, tyre manufacturing, machine tool manufacturing, power battery manufacturing, aviation manufacturing, etc. We are committed to realizing "comprehensive digitalization + comprehensive intelligence" management of intelligent equipment industry through industrial Internet platform.

Recycling Economy

Focus on the recycling and dismantling of scrapped and end of life vehicles, remanufacturing of core automobile parts and components, recycling and dismantling of power battery, step utilization and element recovery,etc. Efforts should be made to promote the high-value utilization of automobile recycling resources and strive to construct the industry chain of automobile whole life cycle.

Heavy Industry

Provides products and service for wind power, nuclear power, gas turbine, reducer and other industries. The main products are large casting parts, and provides the service of precision casting, precision processing and integrated assembly. We passed ISO9001, ISO14000 and ISO18000 management system certifications and have obtained the classification society plant certifications from DNV in of Norway, LR in of Britain, CCS in of China, GL in of Germany and BV ofin France.



"Thank you for your company"

"Thank you for your company" farewell party for retired employees


"Learning to make China powerful"

Learn to strengthen the country, enter the workshop, and innovate the theory face to face. In order to thoroughly study and implement the socialist thought with Chinese characteristics for a new era, the construction of a learning oriented party will drive the construction of a learning oriented society and a learning oriented country. On the afternoon of October 16, the workshop of Tianqi Manufacturing Base welcomed a new "workshop class". Cao Rongqi, an advanced individual and deputy director of the Publicity Department of the Tongzhou District Party Committee of Nantong, gave us a wonderful lecture on "Promoting the Rise of Tianqi in a New Era with Struggle".

Tianqi Overseas


Tianqi Overseas "Reverser" - Engineering

It has been more than half a year since the first batch of "reverse travelers" of the company's intelligent equipment project in North America arrived at the project base in 20 days. With the further progress of the project, the project site personnel are in short supply. After the discussion of the company, the second and third groups of personnel who went to the project site in North America also set out one after another. They arrived at the project site in North America at the end of June and the beginning of July respectively after forced isolation in the third country and transfer of several routes. After a short adjustment, they have all been put into the project construction management and technical guidance.