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Intelligent industry service platform for Jiangsu FAW Foundry Co., Ltd.

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The intelligent industry service platform integrates three service modules of energy system operation and maintenance management, intelligent production operation and maintenance management, and production process management system. It is expected to reduce the cost of spare parts and shutdown by 20% for customers, reduce the labor cost of patrol inspection by more than 25%, reduce energy consumption by 11%, increase the safety factor by more than 30%, and reduce the cost of some products by more than 5%.

The intelligent industry service platform integrates three service modules of energy system operation and maintenance management, intelligent production operation and maintenance management, and production process management system. It is expected to reduce the cost of spare parts and shutdown by 20% for customers, reduce the labor cost of patrol inspection by more than 25%, reduce energy consumption by 11%, increase the safety factor by more than 30%, and reduce the cost of some products by more than 5%.